Helio Santos

Children & Families Minister


1) Sum up what kind of person you are in 5 words.

African-Brazilian, Redeemed, Optimistic and Dad.

2) Which aspect of the church are you responsible to steer?

My wife and I are responsible for children and family ministry

3) What are you passionate to see happen in this part of our church life?

Royal Docks is really blessed for having so many kids interested in some of our church activities;  So my prayer is that these kids will grow seeking to know and explore their faith in Jesus Christ.

4) Which 5 words sum up the kind of church you want to see here in the Royal Docks?

Communities surrendering to be transformed by the power of the Cross

5) What’s your ‘real job’? What do you do in the working week?

I’m a part 1 Architect and builder.

6) What’s the best thing about life in the Royal Docks?

I’m passionate about the history of the Docks and foremost the working class history. Silvertown and Canning Town have now become a very attractive area of East London and we are blessed to have a Church in this community where people from different background come together to worship.