Celebrating the Compassion of Christmas at RDCC

This December, as well as all the usual festivities and merriment, we are really looking forward to reflecting on some of the grittier bits of the Christmas story and what it tells us about the amazing God it reveals.

A vulnerable, young, pregnant virgin; a humiliated but humble husband-to-be; a stressed out inn-keeper with not enough room, but still willing to offer whatever he could; an insecure, fearful king, pushed to extreme cruelty by his desperation for power; revered migrant scholars, leaving behind the comfort and wealth of their homes to kneel before a foreign baby in a shed; outcast shepherds who overcame their social exclusion to be part of something so much bigger than the opinions of those who hated them... The nativity story is packed full of human brokenness and remarkable compassion!

We can't wait to celebrate our compassionate God this Christmas - who is not only unafraid of the mess and suffering of humanity, but who actively chooses to embrace, forgive and redeem it; shining the light of His love into the darkness of even life's hardest experiences.

Open to anyone and everyone who would like to join us - here are our plans for Christmas at RDCC this year:

West Silvertown Foundation Carols on the Green

Wednesday 12th December, 6pm

Britannia Village Green

RDCC Carol Service

Sunday 16th December, 5:30-6:30pm

with free refreshments before and after

Britannia Village Hall

An Alternative Christmas Service

Sunday 23rd December, 5:30-6:30pm

with traditional, multicultural festive food and drink

Britannia Village Hall

Christmas Thanksgiving Service

Tuesday 25th December, 10:30-11:30am

Britannia Village Hall

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