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Living Liturgy Workshop

On Saturday 2nd Feb, Revd Tim Watson of Leesland Neighbourhood Church, Gosport and author of BeatLiturgist blog, lead a workshop on Community Liturgy for members from RDCC and our sister congregation at Bonny Downs. We looked at how we can incorporate creative writing and liturgy more in our worship.

It was a really insightful and fun session that challenged us to expand our perception of liturgy and how we can utilise it to reflect our specific community and share our heart for God.

Here are some examples of liturgy we wrote to and for our own RDCC community:

Welcome Home

It's good to be back

Feel free to be who you are

We are all Royal Docks Community Church

We are royalty and dockers

We are the haves and have-nots

We are evolving and growing

On different stages of our journey

But we are united

Because blood is thicker than water

Water is fluid, it flows and changes

But blood holds the DNA of who we are

Our DNA is Christ

Christ is community, hope, redemption, inclusion, shelter and truth

Our door is always open

There's lots of coming and going

Sometimes it might get a little messy

But if you need to rest or be fed

It's always good to have you back

Welcome home.

Let's go

We have more than enough

Let's share what we have been given

Our community needs the cohesion found in Christ,

The healing found in hope

The respite of redemption

The investment of being included

The stability of shelter

And the trust we find in God's truth

However long it takes, however far you go

Don't be a stranger

Remember you are always welcome home

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